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  Why Use 3D/CGI
Computer Generated Images (CGI) has a long list of advantages over traditional photography and video production. CGI allows more options, lower costs and quicker turn around times.

With out physical products and sets to build using CG images can cut down on both costs and timelines. While a photographer may need weeks to build just one set, EM can create various sets in just days or less. If an art director feels that a door, or window should be in a different location, in CG is it a minor change. You can imagine the time and cost required to make the same change with a real set.

Even more powerful is the ability to infinitely store each set to re-use months or years later without needing to rebuild the set. We archive all our scenes to keep them available to additional images and changes down the road. With CGI statement of line additions, color changes and additions, or simply additional views are just a phone call away.

CGI also allows more flexibility for art directors and marketing managers. Traditional photography can require hours and hours of retouching. Masks, and paths need to be created by hand to allow printers to adjust colors, or to clean up parts of the photos. Bounce cards, unwanted shadows, light stands and various other unwanted objects have to be removed from traditional photos. CGI allows us to let the computers do that work. EM utilizes several software plug-ins that give us the ability to simulate natural light behaviors, create object element selection paths and isolate lighting effects and shadows.

One of the most obvious advantages of CGI is the ability to create photo-realistic images of products that do not physically exist yet. EM works with several product development groups to help them visualize their concepts before physical prototypes are produced. CGI can be used for color studies, focus groups, and market research.

Traditional photography and video productions makes it difficult, and often impossible to show the features that most effectively sell the product. CGI gives us the freedom to simulate anything your mind can imagine. Typical examples range from internal mechanical functions to microscopic medical procedures.

CGI can lower your budgets, cut down on timelines and make last minute changes much easier to deal with. All of this with the same (and often better) image quality as traditional photography and video.

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