Why Choose EM?

For over ten years Emmersive Media has been developing a strong record of success. Emmersive works with a wide array of clients. We have completed projects for Fortune 500 companies, small start-ups, and government organizations. It is our experience, capabilities, and creativity that set us apart.

Emmersive is easy to work with. Our teaming approach to projects helps our clients meet their goals within budget and schedule by keeping everyone involved. The staff at Emmersive is comfortable with your aggressive timelines and our powerful render farm lets us keep up. In addition all of our artists are local, on site, and we never outsource visualization work.

Our focus is on visually telling the story our clients want to tell. Emmersive’s artists have backgrounds spannig comics, illustration, animation and product design. This helps us understand any project, from the most complex products to the most simplistic ideas and tell each story in just the rightamount of detail.

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